Masonry News - Slate Walling at Thornhill Crematorium

Slate Walling at Thornhill Crematorium - September 09, 2018

Architectural Stone have recently finished completing stone works at Thornhill Crematorium in Cardiff. The project consisted of the installation of an echelon slate wall made from reclaimed slate roof tiles to form a new entrance to the site. Two large slate monoliths were also created on either side of the entrance featuring a slab of polished star galaxy granite. 

The Thornhill Crematorium wall was created using Echelon slate.
Due to the type of material that echelon has it can change with the light and change of the year.
With this in mind we used an array of angles and style within the wall to really enhance the reflections it gives off during the changes seasons.
The monoliths that were built along side the wall which were finished off in with the echelon slate and the centre piece is made from polished star galaxy granite. Set within the granite are stand off, stainless steel marien grey letters which were supplied by your sister company, Morgans Consult.
The walls have finally been set off with digital signage on both sides.

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