Limestone is a sedimentary rock that contains a high percentage of calcium carbonate. It is formed by the accumulation of shell, coral, algae and fecal debris overtime through the rock formation process. There are many types of limestones available, whether they are French or German imports or quarried here in the UK. However, the most commonly used in South Wales and the West of England are:

- Bathstone

- Blue Lias

- Portland

Limestones are not consistent in colour - Portland is almost white in colour, Bathstone is more creamy gold in appearance and Blue Lias is grey blue. It is assumed that all stone is quarried, however, the interesting fact about Bathstone is that at present it is mined rather than quarried like Portland and Blue Lias.  Limestone has been extensively utilised as a building material. The city of London is mainly built from Portland stone, as well as Cardiff Civic Centre. When you arrive in the City of Bath, the majority of buildings are made of Bathstone including some of the city's most famous landmarks - the Royal Crescent and The Circus. Due to its characteristic, Blue Lias is mainly used for walling throughout South Wales and South West England.


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