Sandstone is a sedimentary rock that contains minerals the size of sand / rock grains. There are many types of sandstones available. However, the most commonly used in the South Wales and West of England are:

- Welsh Pennant

- Forest of Dean 

- Yorkstone

- Red St Bees 

Sandstones vary in colour, Welsh Pennant is blue / grey with red oxides. Forest of Dean colours vary considerably depending on the seams of the quarry. The colour finishes available are blue, red and mixed colour of brown / grey. Yorkstone is a buff golden colour and Red St Bees is red with slight veining. Sandstone is quarried and some still use the traditional plug and feathered method.  Sandstone is a hard stone - it is often used for paving, walling and copings. Yorkstone, Forest and Red St Bees work well for cladding and are aesthetically pleasing.


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